I first became a boutique owner in August 2016.  At that time, I was working full-time in Quality Management for a Nestle factory located in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. 

Never in a million years did I think that I would graduate from THE Ohio State University with a Microbiology degree and get into the world of FEELING GOOD!  My dreams were never little.  My first big aspiration was to retire from NESTLE and become a full-time boutique owner.  After 6 months of running my online shop, I was able to retire myself and go ALL IN!  The impact I was making with women felt so unreal - to lift others, to share our struggles and watch women believe AND love themselves was a dream come true.

Opening a storefront was the NEXT huge dream on my list.  I really enjoy socializing and interacting with women.   There is something to be said when you can see the S M I L E of someone who didn't expect to look or feel as beautiful as they do when trying on our soft, comfortable clothing.  It is a priority of mine to find pieces that fit and flatter all body shapes. I'm passionate about helping women G L O W and I truly hope our clothes and atmosphere bring that to you!

I am a TIFFIN NATIVE, but have been gone since 2011, moving to various states in the Midwest -- Ohio -- Illinois -- Michigan.  I was expecting in December of 2020 and as I started a family as a single-mom, it was time to get back to my roots.  

Tiffin's downtown is THRIVING and I am so proud to come home to a community that is expanding in so many ways!  It felt like the PERFECT time to take the risk and open up a storefront.  You know, GO BIG and GO HOME!  

This space was recently vacant and without knowing what the space looked like, I scheduled a tour.  I walked in and CRIED!  it was the exact industrial, boho vibe that I was going for & from there, the rest was history!

We hope that you feel cozy and ENOUGH in this space too!
184 S. Washington St.
Tiffin, OH 44883
(567) 938-6008