HEY, my name is Chelsea & this is Zoey!

I am a LOVER of fashion and self-love.  I have always enjoyed getting fancy, putting on a pair of heels and hitting a night out on the town.  

However, I have always struggled with anxiety and depression.  I hit my ultimate low while in College from Freshman year and again as a Senior.  I was involved in various toxic relationships that strained my body image.  I fluctuated weights - often losing 15 lbs in just a few weeks and then gaining it all right back + 15 lbs once I felt comfortable again.

It was then, that I found a clothing brand that inspired me to help women feel comfortable in their own skin.  I finally felt “good enough.” Self love is my mission and it’s allowed me to create a body positive boutique as we offer items for ALL shapes and sizes!  Here we have something for EVERYONE.   Kesler and Co includes pieces for all facets of life - business, casual, trendy and cozy items ranging in sizes S to 3XL.


Our motto : “No matter your shape, size, cut or clarity — you are rare like a diamond.”

You are ENOUGH and I hope you can feel those vibes whether you shop at our storefront or when you’re on our ONLINE LIVE SALES!