Apply to Become a #diamondstrong Brand Ambassador


I am SO excited for THIS NEW PROGRAM we have to offer! 
+ do you LOVE our diamond community?!
+ do you LOVE our clothes?!
+ do you LOVE to shop?!!?
+ do you LOVE to post your outfits on social media?!?!

NOW, you can EARN F R E E money to our BOUTIQUE by becoming a #diamondstrong BRAND AMBASSADOR!

Our vision here in this community is to inspire & empower women through the RUFFest of times. As a fellow boss babe with ANXIETY + DEPRESSION, it is my life mission to show women just how capable and ENOUGH they are. No matter your SHAPE, CUT, or CLARITY -- you are RARE like a diamond. As an ambassador you'll help to spread the message that -- WE are ENOUGH.

This program is completely F R E E to you -- no monthly selling or buying minimums -- just a way for you to earn some money to shop!


👇🏼Please CONTACT US below to go through our approval process!

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