Throwback Banana Hair Clips


HELLO nostalgia.  Do these banana clips take you back like they do for us?

The theme now is retro + flair, so does it really surprise you that a hair accessory that gained a lot of popularity in the 1980s is making its way back now? Yes, the banana clip is back, guys + I am here for it! When you use a banana clip, your hair appears to cascade down, like a waterfall. But the best part about the banana clip is that it works on any kind of hair. All you need to do is unhinge the top, collect your hair + get it between the clip. Pinch it all together + lock the top of the clip + your hair is secure while looking magnificent. You can wear them high or low on your head for varied styling. They also add a ton of volume to your hair. Trust me, people will be going bananas over banana clips

A banana clip is a concave U-shaped accessory made up of two plastic sides that come together in the middle with stretchy teeth that hold hair in place.

Dimensions: 5.5" long

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